Residential Weekend
Break The Ice
22-24 Feb 2019


Ovidiu Oltean

Keynote Speech Break Your Shell
+ Workshop
Oltean Ovidiu will talk about how to act when you are at an event so that people will remember you – what to do, say and how to say it.

Alena Huberová

Why more people prefer a male boss and what can we do about it ladies?
As per the latest Randstad Workforce Trends report, corporate employees from all around the world prefer male over female bosses. Why is it so and what can we, lady-managers, do to change this?

Andrej Mažáry

Neverbálna Komunikácia Alebo Prečo Len Slová Nestačia (SK)
Let’s go back to the foundations. When you’re preparing a speech and you want to get attention, the words are not enough! You need to be able to speak on every communication level. Do you know which are these and how to reach them?

Alexandru-Catalin & Gabriela Nicolae

Steps to Model Excellence in Leadership &
Leadership Game
In this session, Gabi and Alex will discuss together with us how we can build a bridge between what we know and what we do by modelling our own excellence and the excellence in others. There are different leadership styles; it’s not that one is better than another.

Daniel Samol

Improvisation Technique for Real Life
Take the best improvisation principles and apply them in real life. What you will learn by playing fun games: Simple productive ways of creative cooperation, that you probably suck at listening, how to spot and project high/low status.

Daniel Kővári

Wow Your Crowd!
We all know a presentation’s efficiency truly depends on our audience. At the workshop I’ll show you how to wowify your presentation. You’ll learn an easy way to better know your audience and their attitude!

John William Holway

Laugh Yoga
Jolly John (how he likes to nick name himself) is a trainer from England (now living in Hamburg) who has been giving laughter yoga sessions for many years. Laugh Yoga began in India and is now a world phenomenon.

Olga Rudáková

Storytelling With Business Data
Why do we keep creating bad charts and ineffective visuals? Why we tell stories at Toastmasters’ but showing a boring set of numbers at work? At the workshop, you will learn how to use storytelling during business data presentations.

Dáška Lizáková

Too much sitting? Helping daily office workers with back pain, I see those who exercise and those who expect miracles.

Iva Aliana

Projev se Svobodně! (CZ)
What’s hindering us from expressing ourselves completely freely? In most cases it’s fear, that we embarrass ourselves. At the workshop you will learn simple principles and techniques you can implement into your life!

Lukáš Liebich

Wow, that was a great and effective meeting!
How often do you say that? If you’re like most people, probably not that much. More often you might be saying: “Oh, another hour of my day gone!” Meetings can be huge part of our life, but often they are not the best use of our time.

Petr Šedina

Etiketa v Obchodním Vztahu (CZ)
Have you ever experienced situation when you were in a super-fancy restaurant for a working dinner. Instead of enjoying this, you’ve started to be a bit nervous because a lot of forks, spoons and the best people from your field…

Alex De Jong

Networking: Your #1 Marketing Weapon
Break the ice in a positive, memorable way at your next meeting. Alex de Jong ( is a professional trainer and coach who wants to help you make networking your most powerful marketing weapon.

Michal Skalický

Creative Communication
You may be trying to communicate to the others and pass the message, but is the audience listening to you immediately? How to make them switch on faster? Instead of trying to make them listen, you will grab the attention to perform your magic.

Cécile Chambolle

How to overcome fear of speaking a foreign language – why a foreign language shouldn’t stop you from networking
“Czech is too difficult, you’ll never learn it”. That’s what Cécile heard when she came first to the Czech Republic. In her workshop, she will share the many tricks and insights she gathered when learning the 4 languages she speaks.

Vera Orac

How to be funny
Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. You learn a lot, but at the end the frog is dead.

~ Amphibious

Petra Boušková

Easy Guideline for the Four Colors of Every Team!
Stop communicating with your team in the way you like to receive information. Talk to people in a way they would communicate with themselves.

Ray Walsh

Speaking from Talking Points
At Toastmasters you’re free to speak about whatever topic you want. But if an organization sponsors you to speak, they expect you to present their messages. In the workshop we’ll practice taking other people’s messages and making them our own.

Catalin Paval

I Could Be Your “Consigligliere”
You will find a new perspective on the role of a Toastmasters not as a mentor, but as a consultant, with all different types of approaches and involvment degrees.


Lucia Stranavova

Event Chair

Cecile Chambolle

Last Year’s Event Chair & Mentor for RW2019

Olga Rudakova

Education Master

Anamaria Pesca

PR Master

Ilia Rabinovich

Registration Master

Lenka Tarabkova

Sergeant at Arms Leader

Petra Philippi

Speed Networking Organizer

Maros Vano

Web Master