Residential Weekend
The KIND words we say
16-18 Feb 2018


Cécile Chambolle

Event Chair
Kind words are the strongest force in life. If you are both kind to others and to yourself, you’ll change the world

Alex Schwartzman

I am all about kind words. My recent research have shown that the most influential kind words are “Sweetheart” and “Sandwich”.

Ivana Pálková

My favorite kind word is THANK YOU. I think it is very important to appreciate the help of other people.

Aleksandra Zheleznova

Registration Bee
I use kind words every day, especially when I look in the mirror. Kind words help brighten my day, defeat negativity and share warmth with the Universe.

Mira Mihaleva

Education program Lead
Make it count!

Jakub Kratochvil

Yoga Guru
You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside. Lets learn it with Yoga!

Ladislav Čapka

Education program
The smallest things like words, smile or being present are changing the world constantly. And kind words always make the world nicer.

Lucia Straňavová

Registration Bee
One kind word can change someone’s entire day. Our words have an incredible power and effect on people’s life, think about it when you are talking to someone :-)

Ariadna Almenova

We rise by lifting others. Be kind, support each other and your life will get complete and full of positive vibes



The keynote speaker
Author of four books on public speaking. Collaborator of IESE Business School Barcelona.

Mariana Dachova

Coach and Consultant
Passionate Flamenco Dancer
Leadership is holding the space for the brilliance of others…. Not sure how to do it? Let us learn together with tools of cross cultural communication and experiential learning.


Dreamer and Project Management
Alex is a passionate speaker. His favorite part of Toastmasters program is the Table topics because it requires to come up with creative solution for the given topic in a very short time. He uses creativity methods in his daily work, from coming up with new ideas for a product to participating in Table Topics.


Yoga Guru
You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside. Lets learn it with Yoga!


Passionate reader
One of my missions in life is to understand how the world works now and how it worked in the past and share this knowledge with as many people as I can.

Alex de Jong

Presentation Perfectionist
Originally from Bristol, England; Alex became the youngest-ever UK & Ireland Champion of Public Speaking in 2015, the District 91 Toastmaster of the Year in 2016

Ray Walsh

Communications consultant
A former journalist, English language teacher, and later employee communications manager, he has broad content creation and localization experience in various industries and settings.

Lukas Liebich

Project manager, trainer and hobby-blogger. Introvert by nature, entertainer by decision. Flies all over Europe to give Toastmasters workshops. Loves pancakes, burgers and stories.

Petra Boušková

Speaker Tornado
Test Coordinator
This girl is driven by passion. Her career as a Public Speaker covers enormous range of activities, from leading public presentation skills workshops to intensive individual coaching 1-on-1.

Lukáš Stejskal

Standup comedian
A member of Amplion Toastmasters club and of Comedy Prague, a group of stand-up comedians that organizes monthly shows in Prague and Brno. Likes judo, antique poetry and peanut butter.

Andrej Mažáry

Vizionár pre Toastmasters Slovakia
10 rokov trénovania zážitkových tréningov, 7 aktívnych rokov Toastmasters a vzdelávanie v sociálnej psychológie mi ponúklo úžasné spojenie.

Michal Skalicky

Business Finance Partner
A business finance adviser, member of Prague Business Toastmasters, and a former ice hockey player.

Petr Šedina

Podporující empatik se sklony k filantropii.
V TM téměř 5 let. V TM : rád poznávám nové lidi a sleduji jejich posun. V práci prezentuji technická řešení a výrobky Jech přínosy a benefity našim zákazníkům.

Aleksandra Lewandowska

Fun, pun and energy provider
A storyshower with a linguistic and acting background, passionate about living (and speaking) from the heart and reminding people of their worth. Translates books, does voice overs and emcees at events.

Olga Turek-Woźniak

Accelerator of people’s personal power
An energetic enthusiast of freedom, fun and family. She is going to inspire you to build your power with the use of words.

Malgorzata Trojanowska

Project Management freak and baking lover
My lifelong mission is to show people that public speaking is the best tool to change the world because for those tiny couple of minutes you speak, you have the attention of many.

Ladislav Čapka

A kind guy with a hidden side.
Hates making hasty decisions but makes his own choices. Searches alternative solutions in life on a path of self development.

Andi Crasmariu

When life’s offering you a bike, buy a car instead!

Jakub Janíček

CB&I Club Ambassador
Toastmaster novice with passion for spreading wings and flying to other TM clubs. Member of corporate club CB&I Brno Toastmasters.