Workshop Leaders

Florian Mueck (our Keynote speaker)

Florian Mueck (our Keynote speaker)

The Speech Structure Building

Before he started his rhetorical journey, Florian worked as a consultant and business development manager for almost a decade for KPMG, the global advisory firm. The transformation started when he joined a chapter of Toastmasters International in Barcelona in 2005. Soon, public speaking became Florian’s greatest passion. In 2009, he turned his passion into a successful profession under the FLORIAN MUECK brand.

Today, a collaborator of IESE Business School Barcelona and author of four books, Florian offers transformational communication seminars, presentation coaching, keynote speeches and event moderation in English, German and Spanish mainly to international brands like Banco Santander, Chupa Chups, Danone, Microsoft, Moët Hennessy or Zalando.

In 2012, Florian launched Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game™ together with the international speaker, trainer and blogger John Zimmer.

Interactive training session on how to build speeches and presentations. In four steps you will learn how to build any speech or presentation in just a couple of minutes.

Jakub Kratochvíl

Jakub Kratochvíl


Jakub is our Yoga Guru.

He is perfectly fit for that job, and when you meet him, you won’t let him go, until he shares the insight and a couple of practical tips on achieving the same state of mind and physical condition.

When I asked him for the first tip he could share – here is what he said:
You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside. Let’s learn it with Yoga!

Petra Boušková

Petra Boušková

The power of words

Words – so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them.’

Nathaniel Hawtorne

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
John F. Kennedy.
Adolf Hitler.

There is a speech and there is THE SPEECH. Your words can heal or destroy. Your words can inspire a nation or start a war. Whatever your goal is, at the end it’s everything just a game with words and grammatical meanings. I have analyzed the biggest Public Speakers of all the time and uncovered their secrets. Do you want to know how to move your Speech from ‘good’ to ‘unforgettable’?
Play with words as well as play with an audience. For those who know me it is clear that I like to go practical, into deep, so audience interaction is the key of my presentation.
Getting curious? See you at Residential weekend 2018! 😊


Alex de Jong

Alex de Jong

Your winning mindset
Imagine feeling like a winner after every conversation, meeting, or speech? Whether you’re competing or not, you’ve probably had moments when you’ve sat down after giving a speech and felt like sinking into your chair and disappearing. You’ve probably also given speeches when everything went brilliantly and you sat down afterwards with a smile on your face and a winning feeling.

You’ll walk away from this workshop with a powerful new approach to communication-based on competitive psychology. You’ll discover the difference between ego-centric, improvement-centric, and audience-centric communication; and you’ll gain insights from that helped our presenter become the youngest-ever UK & Ireland District champion that he uses every day as a coach, trainer, and speaker.


Malgorzata Trojanowska

Malgorzata Trojanowska

Project leader

During the workshop you will be able to find out what agility means and how can it influence your daily life. Agile Project Management is not the tool that can only be used for project management but it can genuinely improve your interactions with people that you work with. If you want to see how to become agile and what benefits you can get, then join the workshop and see how to be an agile leader in both your professional and personal life.

Since joining Toastmasters 2 years ago she discovered how much she likes to share her knowledge and help people develop their skills when it comes to managing projects. Malgorzata’s lifelong mission is to show people that public speaking is the best way to change the world because for those couple of minutes you speak, you have the attention of many.


Alexander Vladimirov

Alexander Vladimirov

Creativity in Action

Alex is a passionate speaker. The first time he heard about Toastmasters was in the far 2010 when he visited Sofia Toastmasters club. Later on, he joined Prague Speakers and was so passionate about Public Speaking that for the short period of 4 years he managed to be an officer in 2 clubs, and officer and Area Director and manage to achieve DTM. He likes to give back to the community be organizing various pieces of training on Public Speaking. His favorite part of Toastmasters program is the Table topics because it requires to come up with a creative solution for the given topic in a very short time. He uses creativity methods in his daily work, from coming up with new ideas for a product to participating in Table Topics.

Do you want to have fun?

Do you want an interactive workshop?

Do you want to unlock your creativity?

Then this workshop is just for you, join us and unlock your creativity superpower!

Michal Skalický

Michal Skalický

Accelerate your learning

Michal is a trusted business finance adviser, member of Prague Business Toastmasters, and a former ice hockey player. Fast learning is Michal’s strength and it has served him well in sport, study and his career.

During his workshop, Michal will share tips and techniques on how to learn better and faster. Whether you are planning a career change or just practising a new skill, you will find out how to accelerate your progress.

Learning is an important and integral part of our lives, come to discover how to get the most benefit out of it.


Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

Know your audience

Ray Walsh is a communications consultant from the US. “In 20 years supporting business communications, the most common presentation mistake I see has nothing to do with vocal technique, eye contact, or even grammar. The most common error is not paying attention to the needs of your audience,” says Ray.

In this workshop we will outline some basic principles in audience awareness, and then spend most of our time working in small groups to discuss how to apply them. If you want to attend, please have in mind a topic that you are getting ready to present, and we will discuss variations in how to prepare.

Ray is a former journalist, English language teacher, and later employee communications manager. He has broad content creation and localization experience in various industries and settings. He has been working in Europe for more than 15 years and is the author of a book on localization and employee communications, planned for publication in 2018.

Gîlea Claudiu Calin

Gîlea Claudiu Calin

Intent based leadership – how to turn followers into leaders using the ladder of leadership
Calin positions himself as a passionate reader but that is not his only passion!
He has been a Toastmaster for 9 years, 5 times club officer (President, VPPR, Secretary, Treasurer, Past President), Area H2 Governor & D95 Area Governor of the Year Award, Division H Director & D95 Division Director of the Year Award and for 4 months D95 Finance Manager. Calin is passionate about many things: sports, finance & investments, economics, geopolitics & geostrategy, reading, communication, history, leadership, trainings, public speaking, speech writing, rhetoric, politics, music (he was a drummer for 4-5 years during high-school) etc. One of Calin’s mission in life is to understand how the world works now and how it worked in the past and share this knowledge with as many people as he can.
Imagine a team where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity and where people are happier because they have more control over their work – where everyone can be a leader. Imagine how you can create leaders around you. This workshop will change our paradigm of leadership, will discuss about the 2 pillars of intent-based leadership (competence & clarity), will describe the 7 levels of the ladder of leadership and will offer practical experience in helping people rise up the ladder using 3 quick strategies.
If you are part of a team or if you lead a team then this workshop is for you.
Mariana Dachová

Mariana Dachová


Mariana Dachova is a passionate Flamenco dancer. She is an experienced coach and consultant. Mariana has a vast experience with cross-cultural communication, leadership development through experiential learning.

When you decide to discover your blind spots, opportunities for personal and professional life transformation instantly appear around you. How do you feel when you look at yourself through the eyes of others? Do you hear the KIND WORDS they SAY? Is there anything that could be done differently? Is there anything YOU could do differently? Say more or less KIND WORDS?

Keď sa rozhodneš skúmať svoje slepé miesta, v tej chvíli sa zjavia nové príležitosti na osobnú aj profesionálnu transformáciu. Ako sa cítiš, keď sa pozeráš na seba samého očami iných? Počuješ tie MILÉ slová, ktoré Ti hovoria? Je niečo čo by sa dalo spraviť aj inak? Je niečo, čo by si TY mohol – mohla spraviť ináč? Hovoriť viac či možno menej milých slov?
Andrej Mažáry

Andrej Mažáry

Filters (SK)

Poďme sa rozprávať o tom, ako meniť pohľad. Ako meniť svoj názor. Ako meniť svoje možnosti, ktoré máme.

A nehovorím len o Toastmasters. Ukážem Vám, ako ja sám s Vami všetkými fyzicky pohnem bez toho, aby som sa Vás dotkol.

Čo tým sledujem? Verím, že to malé pohnutie môže byť ako pohyb s kaleidoskopom. Z vonku to bude len nepatrne pootočenie.

Vo vnútri však, keď sa zrkadielka a farebne kamienky vyskladajú inak, dostaneme úplne iný obraz.

To na čo sa budete chcieť vtedy pozerať, bude na Vás.

Ladislav Čapka

Ladislav Čapka

Čchi kung (CZ)

Co třeba zkombinovat zábavu, cvičení a trošku učení? Ladislav Čapka právě pro nás připravil Čchi Kung.

Čchi Kung (Qi gong, 气功) je starodávné čínské cvičení zaměřené na uvolnění napětí, navýšení životní energie a harmonizaci vnitřních orgánů. Umožňuje očištění těla i duše od napětí, stresu a chaosu. Naučí vás lépe porozumět dění ve vašem těle, ale i v přírodě a světě kolem nás, neboť stejné energie a principy, kterými se řídí naše tělo, ovládají i veškeré dění v přírodě a ve vesmíru.

Otevřeme dveře a společně vstoupíme do světa cvičení, které v našich končinách není běžné. Povíme si něco o filozofii stojící za tímto cvičením a vyzkoušíme si několik cviků.

Michala Beerová

Michala Beerová

What news about Pathways? Q&A

Pathways is upon the door. You’ll get an opportunity to ask any question you wish to. Michaela will be there to answer them. She’ll also gladly provide information about how to manage the change from CC and CL manuals to the new Pathways education program.

Lukáš Liebich

Lukáš Liebich

Once Upon a Time in the Office: Storytelling for Business Professionals

Lukas Libiech is a listener. Lukas works as a Project Manager in MSD’s Prague IT Innovation center. He is a Toastmaster for the past six years and since Lukas shared with the world the story about “My First Date”, he is in love with storytelling.

Why bother with storytelling?

Toastmasters World Championship Statistics: Mohammad Qahtani (2015 champion) was telling a story in 36% of his winning speech. Darren Tay (2016) was telling a story 55% of his time on stage. And Dananjaya Hettiarachchi (2014) – in probably the best Toastmasters speech of the decade – was telling a story 73% of his time.

If you want to inspire, you’d better tell stories! This is of course not limited only to Toastmasters, but is valid also for business presentations and TED Talks.

But Lukas, it’s not so Easy!” you may say.

“I know. That is why I prepared this workshop for you”, says Lukáš.

In the 45 minutes, we will spend together, we will look into what makes storytelling so powerful, we will do a few exercises that will help you find the right stories, and maybe we’ll even have time to discuss a few tricks how to use them in your presentations for maximum effect.

Lukas says that if there is one skill you should get this year, it is telling stories. Here is blog post dedicated to anyone who has doubts whether to attend his workshop:
Vera Orac

Vera Orac

Voice Work - Using Your Voice for Expression

Vera has been a Toastmaster for over 10 years, has served as club VPE and president, and is currently the L2 Area Director. She has competed in contests in English, German, and Czech, and has reached district level several times (won some, lost some, got disqualified for going over time …). Most recently, she was the contest chair for the humorous speech contest district final in Brno in November 2017.

Vera has coached other speakers (including in the residential weekend master class), and given workshops in her club, at club officer training, and at district conferences. Outside Toastmasters, she has been experimenting with stand-up comedy.

This workshop will cover basics of vocal variety. We will do exercises that improve your awareness, expand your range, and help you use your voice to express yourself better.


Cécile Chambolle and Jakub Kratochvíl

Cécile Chambolle and Jakub Kratochvíl

Communication in relationships

Have you ever wondered why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps? If yes, then this workshop is a must for you!

Cécile and Jakub picked up few bestsellers and articles on communication between man and woman and are ready to share these ideas with you.

Not only will you learn how to communicate with your partner better, but you could also take part in following discussion, where we will exchange our own ideas and experience in this important field.

Kind words in action & your happily ever after almost guaranteed 🙂

Aleksandra Lewandowska

Aleksandra Lewandowska

The kind words we say in response to manipulation

Aleksandra Lewandowska is a story shower with a linguistic and acting background, passionate about living (and speaking) from the heart and reminding people of their worth. Translates books, does voice-overs and emcees at events. The current District 95 Champion in Humorous Speeches and 3rd place winner at D95 World Championships of Public Speaking quarterfinals in Berlin 2017, serves as Vice President Education and Master Mentor at her club, Toruń Toastmasters (Poland). She believes that a good speech is a meaningful conversation with your audience. And she really loves to talk.

Have you ever had a conversation that left you feeling exhausted, hopeless and crazy? Are there people in your life who twist around what you say, so you end up questioning your own sanity? Do you feel that something is wrong in some of your relationships, but you can’t put your finger on it?

If you are a kind person, many people think you are… kinda’ stupid. And try to use you for their own purposes. So what can you do about it? Become a bully yourself?

No, no, no, no, no, no!

In this workshop we’re going to take a closer look at the language and strategies manipulators use to make us feel guilty and crazy. We will learn some self-defense strategies and fight manipulation with… the kind words we say.


Olga Turek-Woźniak

Olga Turek-Woźniak

Non-violent communication on your leadership track

Communication is a key to everything! But how we can avoid violence when communicating?
Olga Turek-Woźniak will reveal this secret! Olga is a member of Toastmasters Częstochowa, Area B1 Director, an ELT trainer, a leadership coach, also an energetic enthusiast of freedom, fun, and family. She is going to inspire you to build your power with the use of words. Olga focuses on activating different channels of intelligence during her workshops.
Be prepared to go on a trip through movement, experience, feelings, and ideas.

You are here and I praise you.
Aim: To inspire the participants to discover the power of positive feedback so that they can successfully motivate themselves and others.
In the first part we will learn about the effect of praising yourself and we will check how it works.The second part will be about giving positive feedback to others. The workshop is based on kinesthetics (learning by movement),  we will work in  pairs  and groups using the space around us,  paper, pens  and our bodies.


Petr Šedina

Petr Šedina

Speak and show (CZ)

Podporující empatik se sklony k filantropii. Je v TM téměř 5 let. V TM : rád poznává nové lidi a sleduje jejich posun.

V práci prezentuje technická řešení a výrobky  Jech přínosy a benefity našim zákazníkům.

Atraktivní, interaktivní WS ve které vás naučím vyprávět. Budete umět diváky vtáhnout do projevu svým obrazným vyprávěním.  

Ve Speak and show ukáži pomocí videa a obrázků jak popsat děj, místnost, člověka tak aby si jej publikum mohlo snadno představit…
Je to dovednost která vtahuje publikum do děje a přidává mluvenému slovu obraz takový jaký posluchač sám chce.
Díky dobré obraznosti projevu se řečník dostane lépe k tomu co chce říci. Kdo tohle zvládá dobře, má posluchače v náladě ve které je potřebuje.
Pak si projevy publikum lépe pamatuje.

Jakub Janíček

Jakub Janíček



During the Masterclass, 3 speakers of different levels are going to give speeches and receive mass feedback straight away, from YOU, the participants. They will then review their speeches overnight and say them again on the next morning. We’ll then all see the power of positive and kind feedback.

Look forward to the following speakers (speeches in English):

  • Jenny Haka – CC #2 – Organize your speech – “Give dance a chance
  • Hanna Maneika – CC #6 – Vocal Variety
  • Tomas Liszka – CC #8 – Get Comfortable with Visual Aids

The following advanced speakers are to moderate the feedback sessions:

  • Clara Vincenc Cismaru
  • Ilia Rabinovich
  • Aleksandra Zheleznova & Kate Vlasova

Jakub is a member of corporate club CB&I Brno Toastmasters. Toastmaster novice with passion for spreading wings and flying to other TM clubs.