Lukas Liebich

My favorite colors: Ferrarri Red and Baby Blue Project Manager (planning and getting things done via conference calls) and ex-Management Consultant (drawing PowerPoints and Excels), thriving as well as suffering in the corporate world. Since 2012 Toastmasters Evangelist. In his first three months in Toastmasters sweated, stared at the ground and struggled to survive on Read more about Lukas Liebich[…]

Aleksandar Vladimirov


Summary: Passionate, energetic, fun loving, seeking challenges and opportunities. Staying in one place and doing nothing for a long time is not how Aleksandar Vladimirov can be described. Java Software Expert and Agile evangelist. Working on Software projects since 14 years old, and experienced in HTML, JS and Usability principles. Proud Master Engineer in Telecommunications. Read more about Alex[…]