January 8, 2020

Information for Workshop Leaders

This page will be updated regularly with important information for Workshop Leaders during Residential Weekend 2020 Conference. 

Please contact Sona Tortorollo at tmrweekend@gmail.com with any questions.

Key Dates: 

15th January 2020: Deadline for Workshop submissions

20th January 2020: Confirmations sent to all Workshop Leaders

31st January 2020: Deadline to confirm Workshop title, Abstract, Presenter biographies etc. for Conferece Program

19th February 2020: Deadline to submit materials for Conference

Key Information for your Workshop delivery

  • All standard session rooms will have a projector, screen plus any additional equipment as requested in Workshop registration form.
  • Large conference room will include microphone to be shared between presenters; smaller rooms will not. 
  • Please note that you must provide your presentation in advance by the set deadline (so it can be loaded on our computers) or bring your own computer for a slideshow presentation. If you are using a Mac computer, you must provide your own projector adapter cable (HDMI).
  • Please contact the team if you require specific room layout or any additional equipment.
  • We ask you to print any handouts you wish to share with Workshop Participants. We are not able to print handouts for Workshops.

Workshop Leaders FAQs

What format should I submit my presentation in?

Please provide your presentation in PPT format. Please feel free to use the PPT / MS Word Templates here to ensure consistency throughout the session.

How do I know when / where my session is? 

Workshop Leaders will receive an email with the time/date of the session by 16th February.

How will the room be laid out?

The Main Conference Hall will have a Classroom layout. XL Meeting room will have a Classroom layout. L meeting room will have a theatre layout.

If you need to change the layout for your workshop, please feel free to do so. However, make sure you return it back to original state after your workshop.

How many Participants should I expect at my Workshop?

The total number of Participants is around 100 and they will have an opportunity to choose between 3 Workshops running at the same time. As such, expect around 30 – 40 people at your Workshop.

Will Participants have pen and paper available?

All Participants will be provided with pens and papers at the start of the Conference.

How can I request microphones, projectors, computers, or other A/V materials? 

All standard will have a projector, screen and flipchart. Large rooms will include three microphones (two hand held / one overhead) to be shared between presenters; smaller rooms will not. 

Do I need to bring my own computer?

You do not need to bring your own computer. One computer will be available in each room. If you do wish to use your computer and are using a Mac computer, you must provide your own projector adapter cable (HDMI).

Will you be able to print out any Handouts?

Due to the large amount of Workshops / Participants, we are not able to print Handouts for any of the Workshop Leaders. We ask you to print them yourself and bring them to the Event.

Can I introduce my Company during my Workshop?

Yes, you can, but everything has its limits. Do not forget that participants will be probably more interested in the Workshop than an advertisement. When possible, we include your company www / LinkedIn etc. on our promotional content. You can also include it on the Handouts.

Will you record my session?

We are unable to secure professional cameras and cameraman for all three rooms. There will be a reserved place and tripod (for mobile phones) available. Please reach out to your friends or colleagues / Sergeant at Arms with a request to record your Workshop.

How will feedback for my session be gathered?

Please share the QR code provided with the Participants of your Workshop and encourage them to complete Feedback (it should take no more than 2 minutes). The results will be distributed to you after the Event. Or…you can use the rest of the time (coffee breaks, evening) to get as much Feedback as possible.

How can I update a presenter’s information or biography? 

Please email any changes to tmrweekend@gmail.com We cannot guarantee changes will be reflected in the Conference program after 5th February 2020.

Is there a special conference registration rate for presenters? 

There is not a special conference registration rate for presenters, however, we encourage all presenters to register for the 2020 Conference by the December 15 Early Bird Registration deadline to benefit from discounted pricing.

Can I stay in the hotel on Thursday?

Please reach out to tmrweekend@gmail.com to discuss arrangements.