Lukas Liebich

My favorite colors: Ferrarri Red and Baby Blue

Project Manager (planning and getting things done via conference calls) and ex-Management Consultant (drawing PowerPoints and Excels), thriving as well as suffering in the corporate world.

Since 2012 Toastmasters Evangelist.

In his first three months in Toastmasters sweated, stared at the ground and struggled to survive on the stage. Now mentoring others to help them overcome their fears – and to show them they can become way better than they have ever imagined.

Area Director for Prague Downtown, working to improve knowledge sharing among clubs.

Fun fact: Wants to become fluent in Polish

Personal weakness: Sometimes takes himself too seriously (as you might notice from this bio :)), but with help of his friends he’s constantly fighting it :))

Oh, and blogs about Toastmasters & life at:

P.S.: Guys, we really want to make this Residential Weekend the best event ever, so come – it’ll be damn worth it!