Rise and shine with our morning workouts, invite peace and relaxation to your day through mindfulness and more…

1. MORNING YOGA SESSIONS – Karin Svitakova & Sona Skippy Michlikova

2. BACHATA BEGGINER STEPS – Jenny Haka & Edgar Regalado Lopez



A day doing a yoga is a day of fun,
Downward dog and warrior one,

There is nobody better at imitating a tree
And I had never seen anyone touch their nose to their knee!

I am so impressed by your skills that I need to confess in this little chat…
My favourite part of yoga is when you get to sleep on the mat…

Rise and shine RW attendees, flow and align. Put on your comfy clothes and come wiggle your toes during our morning yoga sessions with Karin and Sona 🙂 Psssst: there will be no sleeping on the mat 😉


My father G.M. Timcak introduced yoga to my life at an age of 13 and since then, I have attended numerous yoga courses and summer yoga camps. I started my first yoga teacher training held by the Slovak Yoga Association in 2005 and got my diplomas in 2020 and 2022. I visited India 3 times. I stayed in Rishikesh in the ashram Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama and got initiated into mantra meditation in 2018. I have been teaching yoga in Prague Hostivař for 15 years.

I have joined Toastmasters in 2017 and I am the winner of the Czech Evaluation Division Contest and was 2nd in the International Speech Contest in the Divisions Czechia and Slovakia.


Sona is an avid Toastmaster, painter, podcast creator and yoga teacher. Her Slovak – English podcast is about everything and anything that comes to her and loves to share 😊😉 travel, books, yoga, Toastmasters, movies, life…



There are different ways to handle a party. You can be enjoying your favorite drinks, observing people from a distance or just scrolling through your phone.

In the workshop Bachata Beginner Steps, Jenny & Edgar challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Come to the Saturday evening party and try another very interactive, fun and elegant way to socialize: Dance Bachata! Originating in the 1960s in Dominican Republic, Bachata is a beautiful and sensual Latin American dance.In the end of the workshop, you will have learned: the basic bachata steps, how to confidently lead/follow your partner on the dance floor, and discover some pretty cool moves that your body can make. Don’t miss it!


IT Engineer | Event Organizer | Bachata Dancer

She loves public speaking and has been actively involved in organizing Toastmaster events, including RW2022. Another strong interest for her is Bachata dancing, which which lightens up her mood and helps significantly with the steps count.


Software Engineer | Sports Junkie | Dance Aficionado

Being born in Latin America, Edgar was immersed into the dancing culture from early childhood. He started dancing cumbia and merengue as a child, reggaeton during his teen years and more recently salsa and bachata. He is always up for a dance and is currently learning to dance Kizomba.

Wherever you are, be there.” [Steve Goodier]